The Indiana General Assembly passed a law in 1990 requiring county commissioners to establish solid waste management districts for the purpose of more efficient management of solid waste generated in Indiana. The commissioners from Delaware, Grant, and Madison Counties joined together to form the East Central Indiana Solid Waste District (ECISWD). Each district, once formed, was required to develop a 20-year strategic plan to manage its waste in an effort to meet the state’s goal of reducing waste sent to Indiana landfills by 50% by the year 2001. A nine member Board of Directors consisting of two commissioners from each of the three counties and the mayors of Anderson, Marion, and Muncie manages the ECISWD. District staff includes a director, education coordinator, program coordinator, and secretary/receptionist. The District also has a nine member Citizen Advisory Committee made up of three citizens from each of the member counties. In attempting to meet the state’s 50% waste reduction goal, ECISWD has developed a variety of programs.

These include:



¨ Classroom presentations on the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) available in all District public and private schools

¨ Distribution of “Trash Talk!”, a newsletter for 3rd to 5th grade students

¨ Distribution of “One Man’s Trash…”, a newsletter for adults inserted in newspapers throughout the District

¨ Speaking engagements with a variety of civic and community groups

¨ Educational displays at county fairs and trade shows

¨ Backyard composting workshops with free bin distribution

¨ Household hazardous waste collection

¨ Used tire recycling

¨ Appliance recycling opportunities

¨ Electronics recycling

¨ Household battery recycling

¨ Assistance to schools, businesses, and other organizations in waste reduction and recycling

¨ Grant programs to assist incorporated communities in their recycling and yard waste management programs