Recycling and Waste Reduction Program Development


Education and training for employers and employees to ensure a successful program and complete effort


Consulting and ongoing support for businesses that recycle


Materials exchange program with other businesses in the District and State of Indiana



Potential decrease in waste removal expenses


Be a leader in your community by enhancing and protecting the local environment


Receive local recognition in your community and among your peers


Be eligible for state and national recycling/waste reduction awards


Receive grants and/or loans to help get certain programs started


Receive money for certain materials which in turn could be used for a charitable donation or school scholarship


White office paper ~ Mixed office paper ~ Cardboard ~ Paperboard Newspaper ~ File Folders ~ Junk Mail ~ Phone Books ~ Glass Bottles

Plastic Bottles ~ Steel & Aluminum Cans ~ Computers & other electronic equipment ~ Inkjet Cartridges ~ Toner Cartridges (copier, laser, fax) ~ Batteries (nickel cadmium, lithium ion, lead acid, nickel metal hydride)

Please call our office at 765-640-2535

or send email to


Additional Business and Organization Waste Reduction Information:


Indiana Recycling Coaltion

Toll-Free:  877-283-9550



Buy Recycled Business Alliance

1727 King Street, Suite 105, Alexandria, VA  22314-2720

Phone:  703-683-9025