What do the three R’s stand for?  Reducing, reusing and recycling is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to protect the earth.  This program is great for teaching the basics of recycling.  The program concludes with a game or two of Recycling Bingo (includes prizes).

Free educational programs are one of the many ways that we can be of assistance to your class.  Our Education Coordinator will come to your class at a time that’s convenient for you and give a hands-on program including games and interesting tidbits. We have many programs available, some already prepared but others can be tailored to your needs.  Just give us a call at

800-863-2793 or 765-640-2535, and let us know what you would like us to do for you.

  Let’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle


Worms, worms, worms.  This is definitely our most popular program, and for several reasons.  As very efficient recyclers, worms are a great way to introduce the concept of recycling, nature’s way.  There are many hands-on activities that teach “worm” fundamentals, including their movement, life cycles, and digestive systems.  We will answer the question:  Why are worms so important to our environment?  This program comes with a workbook called “Worms Eat Our Garbage, Classroom Activities for a Better Environment”, written by renowned “worm” authors Appelhof, Fenton and Harris.  If requested, we will set up a worm bin for your class, so that you and your students can observe the worms’ recycling efforts.  This program is fun for everyone involved and works great for any age group.


This program was first introduced for Earth Day 2005 . Environmental Jeopardy is a one hour ‘game’ that teaches your students about many environmental concerns (all with trash reduction in mind) while offering solutions and answers to their questions. Participation includes the entire class and gets everyone excited about protecting the earth. This program works best for one class at a time.

Environmental Jeopardy


     Coffee Can Paper Recycling


During this program your students will learn a little bit about how paper is made and what we can do to help recycle more paper. The program concludes with students making their own sheet of recycled paper. This program comes complete with all the tools and activities and we even clean up when we leave!


Seasonal Crafts


This program will encourage creativity and resourcefulness while helping students create a craft item out of something they might usually throw away. Some of our crafts may be seasonal in nature, so let us know if you would like something special for your class. If you would like to request a craft idea, we will do our best to accommodate. For this program your students will need scissors and glue. Our craft program works best with single classes and is recommended for any age group.

 Education Programs

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